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  How much do Mortgage Leads cost?  
  Mortgage Leads are only $39 per lead, with a minimum order of 25 leads. Our current clients close 20-30% of the leads they purchase, so you definitely get your money's worth!  
Are the Mortgage Leads EXCLUSIVE?
Yes, we only send each lead out to one broker/lender. We feel there is enough competition out there, therefore we do not add to this by sending the same Mortgage Lead to more then one source!
Where do you get the Mortgage Leads from?
The Internet. Borrowers complete one of our online Mortgage Applications.
Can I see what information is gathered on the application I will be receiving?
Yes, simply click on the “Sample Application” on the left navigation bar. As you can see, we gather virtually a complete 1003.
How do I receive my leads?
All leads are forwarded to the email address of your choice.
Are these conforming or non-conforming Mortgage Leads?
Our web sites are geared towards the borrower who has had past or current credit problems. Therefore the Mortgage Leads we provide are all sub prime, A- through D credit.
How quickly are the Mortgage Leads delivered?
You will receive your Mortgage Leads within minutes of the borrower completing the application. This is a huge advantage over the competition!
How many leads can I receive?
Our web sites generate around 500 Mortgage Applications per month. How many leads we can send to you depends on the state(s) you request, along with the unknown factor of knowing how many applicants from your particular state will be applying in what time period.
What if one of the Mortgage Leads is bogus?
We will replace any Mortgage Leads sent to you in which the applicant is not legitimate. These are real borrowers looking for real Mortgages!
How are the Mortgage Leads filtered?
We filter by state only.
Do I have a Credit Authorization from the borrower?
Yes, all borrowers have granted their permission for you to pull their credit. This added feature will enable you to actually review the borrowers credit right away!
What about my competitors?
We sell our Mortgage Leads on a first come, first serve basis. We will always fulfill any current orders before we will start to send Mortgage Leads from your state(s) to someone else. In some case, due to high demand, your order may not be started until a previous order has been completed. However, by placing your order today, this will put you in line for the next available leads.
We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions here. If you did not see your question listed above, please do not hesitate to ask us! Due to high volume, we can respond quicker to your questions by email. If available, you can click below to talk to us live, or send us your questions by email.


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