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Loan Closings Vs. Advertising Money

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Consider the cost to close 200 loans.

  • Advertising in the paper, direct mailings, list purchases, Yellow Pages or developing a web site could run as much as $10,000 per month, easily. You could spend that much each month on the Yellow Pages alone!
  • All of this advertising could gain you only shoppers and customers who will contact 5-10 different sources. Imagine
    the madness!

Now, let’s say you purchase 1,000 leads from a source that has real customers looking to close a mortgage now.

  • The total cost for 1,000 leads would be $29,000. If you close 20% (and you should), assuming the average profit is $4,000*, this means you will profit and/or make $800,000! It’s a no brainier! We all know that the profit on sub-prime
    mortgages can range from 2-10% of the loan amount.

Stop paying for high cost advertising and put your dollars to work for you!
With our Mortgage Leads you can succeed in closing more deals. You may never have to spend another dime in advertising. We will deliver highly motivated customers to you!

Discover how easy it is to stay ahead of the competition and lower your advertising budget. Put more money in your pocket! If you want to spend more money, use it to take a vacation.

* Based on an average loan amount of $100,000 and 4 points profit (both upfront and yield spread premium). Many loans will average a higher percentage. We have opted for the more conservative approach!


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