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Buying Mortgage Leads today, can be a difficult decision. Or, if you have purchased mortgage leads in the past, you may have run into problems. Here are some important facts to consider when making a purchase for mortgage leads.

Fast Delivery: Demand real time delivery of leads as this will allow you a prompt response back to your potential customer. One of the most common mortgage-deal-killers is mortgage companies that take more than eight hours to reply an inquiry.

Buying Internet mortgage leads is one of the most cost effective means to acquire targeted customers. Expect to pay about $35-$50 for an exclusive lead (less for semi-exclusive leads). The cost per lead is often times far less than other methods of advertising such mailings, newspaper ads, web sites etc.

With the impact of the recent Do Not Call Registry, there is larger demand for the current supply of available high closing leads. Because of this larger demand, per lead fees have been increasing at a steady pace across the entire industry. And we suggest to you (exactly what you suggest to your own customers) is that you "lock in" your rates now to purchase mortgage leads before prices go even higher.

Exclusive Leads are a MUST! Why spend your money on a mortgage lead which is going to go to other lenders/brokers? Non-Exclusive mortgage leads can result in several brokers/lenders "fighting" for the same borrower. This is a tough way to do business. Demand Exclusive leads only.

Not all leads are created equally; some leads are clean and some are potentially dirty. The most feared lead is one generated via unsolicited bulk email. You need a lead provider who targets borrowers with integrity, thus assuring you of a happy borrower that will feel good about working with you.

Do not pay for set up fees or enter into a long term contract. Pay only for the leads you order. We refer to set up fees as junk fees. Long term contracts can tie you up, and if you are unhappy with the leads provided, you may be stuck. A good mortgage lead provider will offer a reasonable minimum order option. Then if you are happy with the leads order more. If you are not satisfied with the leads, move on and find another source.

Since it can be difficult to control applicant information,demand an excellent return policy. If the applicant is a minor, wrong phone number, never filled out the form, or simply a "bogus" lead, a good mortgage lead provider will replace that with another lead. Ensure that you receive only what you pay for. This replacement policy eliminates these variables and guarantees the highest profitability for your company.

At, we make sure to deliver the highest of quality mortgage leads to you. We are looking for long term business relationships and continued success to our clients! To place an order.


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