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Our Mission: Successfully match Mortgage Professionals with borrowers who are looking for a Mortgage, in their state(s). is brought to you by Thornton Mortgage, Inc. Since 1991, Thornton Mortgage has been a Mortgage Broker located in the state of Minnesota. Altogether the CEO, Randi Thornton has over 22 years in the Mortgage Broker business As of 2005 we no longer are involved in the Mortgage Broker business, but have continued to focus on cultivating and prospecting for online Mortgage Borrowers seeking sub-prime financing. This aspect of our business has been a leader in the Lead Generation of Mortgage Brokers. We are also proud of several other awards and achievements. *see below.

The company focus has always been on customer service and helping borrowers obtain a mortgage with less than perfect credit (nonconforming lending). This has enabled us the growth and honorable reputation we have achieved.

Since our introduction to the Internet, development of several web sites, market research, advanced technology and much more, we have successfully entered another phase for our customers. That is, we now can offer borrowers in “all” states mortgage financing through affiliates such as yourself and your company.

Our borrowers are depending on us, and our affiliates to educate, deliver high customer service standards and obtain mortgage opportunities for them through successful mortgage closings. Therefore, we are opening the doors to Mortgage Brokers and Lenders who can facilitate our borrowers request for a mortgage using the same standards we adhere to.

We have done our homework! We have highly aggressive pricing, reasonable minimum order requirements, exclusive rights to our leads, and various payment options. We have made this a win-win situation for the borrower and you the Mortgage Professional. Also, our mortgage leads are forwarded to our affiliates in “Real Time”. This means that when a customer completes a Mortgage Application Online, that Mortgage Lead is sent out immediately via email. The system is completely automated.

If you and/or your company has can accommodate and close nonconforming mortgage loans in one or more states and wish to participate, simply complete the information requested, select your payment option and we will start forwarding your Mortgage Leads immediately. It is that easy.

Our borrowers are our #1 priority! Together let’s close their mortgage requests!

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