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The leads provided by are motivated, motivated, motivated. I will close four loans this month generating over $10,000 in revenue!
The customer service from is wonderful!
Always willing to help out and answer any questions in a timely manner. Thanks so much for being a wonderful source!"

Summit Correspondent Lending

I have been in the mortgage business for nearly 7 years and over this time, I have bought many leads from many different sources.
Recently, I came across leads through a co-worker and he mentioned that the leads that he bought from them were pretty good.
So I tried a small sampling.

I was very surprised when I called these people. They were excited to hear from me and still very interested in either buying a house or refinancing their existing house.

I called 10 people a few weeks ago. Out of those 10, I will have 6 closings and 2 more possibilities. Not only that, 3 of the people have already
referred a couple new friends to me that are interested in buying a new home.

I highly recommend calling for leads. Have fun! Make lots of Money!!!

Senior Loan Officer
Prism Mortgage

As many of you may know, conversion ratio's from purchased Internet leads are generally not very good. In my experience, having purchased thousands of
leads over the last four years, 1 in 30 up to 1 in 40 are generally not poor conversion ratios. I'm speaking as an owner of a small mortgage company,
formally one of the top producers for Ford Consumer Finance and Fairbank Mortgage Corp. I'm no slouch when it comes to selling loans, for eight
quarters in a row at Ford Consumer Finance, I was the top producing sales associate out of 1800 nationally.
Just to give you an example, I closed two of the first 25 leads I received from with commissions of approximately $9,000.
They are a delight to work with and if Internet leads are one of the sources you use to dig up business, "try them you'll like them".

Money Lender Mortgage Corp.

Every customer I call is glad to hear from me and anxious to cooperate.
I am able to offer a majority of the customers the opportunity to purchase a home or refinance.

One lady had given up hope until a friend told her of this website.
I was able to consolidate her bills and save her a lot of money each month when no one else could."

Prism Mortgage


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